Oil Change

When done correctly and at the right intervals, oil changes can extend the life of your engine and help you avoid costly expenses down the road.

Oil Change

An oil change is the process of replacing the existing engine oil in your vehicle with new, clean oil. Routine oil changes are one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to ensure your car, truck, or SUV remains in good, working condition. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we encounter about this form of maintenance.

  1. Why Are Routine Oil Changes So Important?
  2. How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Vehicle?
  3. What Type of Oil is Best for My Vehicle?
  4. What Are the Dos and Don’ts of Oil Changes?


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Why Are Routine Oil Changes Important?

Simply stated, routine oil changes provide critical protection for your engine and your wallet. By keeping all parts of the engine lubricated, the motor oil in your vehicle helps to prevent against overheating and engine breakdown. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairing or replacing – your engine can be incredibly expensive. Routine oil changes not only help protect you against costly expenses, but also offer an affordable way to extend the lifetime of your engine and therefore your vehicle.


How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Vehicle?

The right time for an oil change varies from vehicle to vehicle and the type of oil that’s used. That’s why we recommend always following the guidelines specified in your owner’s manual. Some vehicles may need an oil change after 3,000-5,000km on the road. Others may be able to wait up to 8,000km, for example, if they use synthetic oil. If you have questions about what’s recommended in your owner’s manual or want some guidance around what’s best for your vehicle, one of our in-house experts would be happy to speak with you.


What Type of Oil Is Best for My Vehicle?

Drivers today are spoilt for choice between a variety of synthetic and conventional motor oils, but it can be tricky knowing what is best for your particular vehicle. Once again, your owner’s manual is the best place to check for information about the type of engine oil that is right for your car, truck, or SUV. At Sullivan Automotive, we carry a variety of oils and regularly update our inventory to provide our customers with great pricing while meeting their unique service needs.


The Dos and Don’ts of Oil Changes

Do check your owner’s manual for recommendations on the type of oil that is right for your vehicle and how often it should be changed

Don’t delay oil changes or choose a cheaper oil to cut down on your maintenance costs – this could end up creating much costlier repairs down the road

Do choose a reputable automotive service provider to complete oil changes on your vehicle – when done correctly and at the right intervals, this straightforward maintenance can extend the life of your engine and help you avoid costly expenses down the road

Don’t attempt to do an oil change yourself – unless you have all the necessary equipment to ensure you and your vehicle will be safe, and you’ve consulted your municipality’s by-laws for any restrictions about where oil changes can be performed

Do contact Sullivan Automotive about any questions you have – our in-house experts are here to help you make an informed decision about all of your service needs

Don’t use guesswork when it comes to your routine maintenance – it may not cost you much in the short-term, but the long-term impacts to your vehicle – and your wallet – simply aren’t worth it


More Than Just an Oil Change

At Sullivan Automotive, we pride ourselves on providing drivers with quality products at fair prices. And we offer so much more than just an oil change during this routine service. Our licensed technicians will also include an inspection and top up any fluids that may be running low in your vehicle – all to ensure your peace of mind and safety before you get back on the road.

If you need to book your next oil change or want to speak with an experienced technician about your vehicle’s service needs, we’d be happy to help!

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