Most frequent questions and answers
In some cases a repair estimate could be performed at no charge to the client. This of course is assessed on a case to case basis and depending on the difficulty of the issue at hand. We suggest that clients put forth all of the information possible pertaining to there concern with their vehicle. This information will allow us to inform on any potential costs to inspect & provide an estimate.

At Sullivan Automotive we absolutely provide written repair estimates with complete breakdowns pertaining to labor, parts and supply charges to perform and complete any needed repair or service. We prefer to do this rather than your classic request for “a ball park” estimate. Typically written estimates are good for 30 days.

At Sullivan Automotive we do not perform any repairs or suggested service without the consent or approval from our clients.

At Sullivan Automotive we always provide a complete detailed invoice documenting all parts, labor and supply charges. We also keep hard copies on file for any warranty purposes. A complete history can be provided to any client at any time.

At Sullivan Automotive we have many options of part quality available to us. This allows us to work closely with our client’s repair budget. Economically priced parts normally come with less of a warranty/guarantee on the part while premium priced parts come with a much longer warranty/guarantee period. Most clients will base their choice of part quality on everything from the type of use the vehicle has to how long they plan on keeping their vehicle.

At Sullivan Automotive we have anywhere from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 year parts warranty available based on the quality of part the client chooses. We provide a 90 day labor guarantee on all work performed.

At Sullivan Automotive we do understand emergencies situations can arise, we do our very best to accommodate these accordingly and with sensitivity to the situation. Our facility for the most part runs a daily operation based on an appointment schedule.
*ATTN COVID-19: Operating by appointment only under the re-opening Ontario act*

Yes you can absolutely bring your vehicle to any independent repair facility you choose regardless of having a period of warranty on your vehicle. Just make sure you keep all of your repair and service records or a facility such as ours can always provide them to you when requested.

Although we can assist in repair and servicing your vehicle, we unfortunately cannot perform recall work or repairs that would be covered by your vehicles manufacturer. 

Once upon a time this was an easily answered question, however now with so many vehicle manufacturers using all types of different oil from synthetics to some still using regular conventional, the price will absolutely vary. We will estimate your oil change service based on your year make and model of vehicle and the proper materials needed to perform the service.